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Jul-16-12 Lawrence(Lorie) Siegel 69
Long Island, NY
Lorie spent his last years in a nursing facility in Long Island New York. He underwent surgery and chemotheraphy for stage four brain cancer. Chemotherapy for CLL twice. In the end pneumonia and an infection raged through his system raising temperatures of 104 leaving him unable to breathe on his own. His kidneys collapsed and his arms wept with blood and water seeping out. Every doctor said he had two days or two weeks but none thought three years but Lorie stumped them all. However, this time he could not survive. Lorie left behind 4 children, 5 grandchildlren, his sister and myself his life companion. Rest in peace!
May-31-10 Michael Warren 68
Lafayette, IN
dx: 05/1997. Mike had the 11q deletion and had many treatments with FCR, Flavopiridol, he also had a splenectomy for AIHA. He was considering a transplant in the end he got pneumonia and sepsis after a course of EPOCH.
May-25-10 Meryl Schwartz 67
Corona del Mar, CA
dx: 08/1991. Treated with Fludara + Novantron, operated for squamous cell carcinoma that metastasized to the Parotid gland.
Feb-26-10 Michael Weigel 47
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
dx: 09/2008. Lisa Gruber her sister said: "Michael had to quit his job after the first year as this disease took such a toll on his body. He went from a strong healthy man to a thin weak man in such a short time. He had endured so much in his life as a Deaf man and had finally found happiness with his wife Rose just a few years ago. He spent the last year in and out of the hospital for chemo and was very sick when he had gotten a C-Diff infection while in the hospital. This past January 2010, we were told that my brother has only a short time left. So, on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 Michael died at home with his family by his side. He was a wonderful inspiration and an amazing person. To have known him WAS to love him. I love you and I will miss you my big brother".
Feb-19-10 Carole Luellen Kellogg 63
Portland, OR
dx: 09/1993. After over 30 years as an educator in Southern California, she moved to Portland in 2002 to enjoy retirement. She had begun treatment for CLL in 1993. The disease transformed into an aggressive lymphoma that was refractory to chemotherapy. She was a candidate for a stem cell transplant. She passed away in the ICU of the Kohler Pavilion at Oregon Health Science University, surrounded by her loving family. Carole is survived by her husband, John F. Kellogg; daughters, Julie Damico and Tina Garcia; stepsons, Jordi X. and John X. Kellogg; mother, Theodora Bunten; and nine grandchildren.
Jan-22-10 Henry D. Clark 60
West Des Moines, Iowa
dx: 06/2002. His lymphoma began in 2002 in his back. Non life threatening. He had radiation at that time and was cancer free for five years. In 2007 had radiation and in 2009 started chemo. He was later diagnosed with Richter's transformation and finally died of pneumonia in the arms of his wife Pauli.
Dec-19-09 Miles Pendleton 70
Washington, DC
dx: 12/1998. Miles actively and successfully lobbied Congress for CLL Research Consortium funds and was instrumental in the establishment of the Patient Database. He was always interested in helping others in the list and he became the official lobbyist before congress regarding funding for leukemia. He was a retired foreign service employee and unfortunately he did not leave a record in his postings about any treatments that he may have received. He had a splenectomy during his over 20 year fight with cll.
Nov-19-09 Danny Robinson 60
Cleveland, OH
dx: 06/2000. Danny was treated with Chlorambucil and later he entered into a trial for PCR. In 2006 received a SCT and later reported suffering from GVHD. His last battle was with pneumonia and the H1N1 flue.
Oct-18-09 Gary Wade Boynton 56
Cobleskill, NY
dx: 10/2005. Gary died of cardiopulmonary failure due to complications of a fungal infection. He was treated with Fludara, Rituximab, Prednisone, Prednisolone, Procrit, Neulasta, Cytoxan, Vincristine, Dexamethasone, Mitoxantrone, Pentostatin, Aranesp, Campath, Neupogen, and radiation. He planned a transplant but the radiation left him very weak. He fought long enough to "celebrate" his 27th wedding anniversary to Candy on 10/17 and died the next afternoon. Candy posted on his behalf and was very helpful in helping compile the information that goes on this memorial page for the last two years.
Aug-31-09 Billy Game 55
New York, NY
dx: 06/1993. Billy was treated initially with Fludara and CHOP and in 2000 he received an auto BMT at DFCI. He relapsed 3 years later and had RFC. Later he underwent a mini MUD and he had after that many complications. In the end he was diagnosed with lympho plasmocytic lymphoma. He died from infections that his immune system was not in a condition to handle.
Jun-01-09 Carol Ford 67
dx: 06/1999. Carol received the following treatments: Pheresis, Chlorambucil, CHOP, Prednisone. Richter’s Syndrome was discovered after a nose bleed in September, 2008.
May-15-09 Geoff Sanders 65
Nottingham, UK
dx: 11/2005. Geoff was due to receive treatment this summer but didn’t make it. Admitted to hospital on 28th April, he died 2 weeks later from ARDS brought on by pneumonia/sepsis. Despite many infections and gradual deterioration of his health, he did manage to make the most of his life and showed great care and concern for those around him. He will be sadly missed.
Apr-17-09 Sandra van Droogenbroeck 46
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
dx:12/2001. Sandra had a bad diagnostic with the 17p deletion that made her treatment options more limited. She was treated with Dexamethasone, Mabthera, Revlimid, Velcade and Campath. She was looking for a transplant donor but none was found.
Apr-03-09 Ardys Nelson Hennemuth 78
Falmouth, Ma
dx: 06/2001. Ardys was treated with Fludara, Rituxan, & Campath. She began her nursing career at age 45, was an animal rights activist and a deeply spiritual person.
Mar-12-09 Candace Layer 62
New York, NY
dx: 04/1987. Candice was diagnosed when she was 39 years old and battled the illness for 22 years. She was treated with Leukeran, RCD and had a splenectomy.
Mar-06-09 Bob Van Leer 81
Gold Beach, OR
dx: 06/1983. Bob was treated with Chlorambucil, Fludara, Pentostatin and Cytoxan. See his website at
Feb-14-09 Joyce Niblack 70
Scottsdale, AZ.
dx: 01/2008. Joyce's hematologic cancer was not CLL but Myeloproliferative Disorder (MPD). Early in 2008 she developed lymphoma. However as a long time and close friend of the CLL List's founder, Granny Barb Lackritz, Joyce was a long time and active member of the CLL list going back to the early days of ACOR. When Granny Barb was at her sickest in the last months of her life, Joyce provided much assistance to Barb, especially as Barb's husband was also ill at that time. And Joyce took on the job of CLL List Owner during Barb's last months and for a time after Barb's passing. Joyce's myelofibrosis had progressed over the years and she was ready to start on a trial of a JAK2 inhibitor drug. Shortly afterwards she developed lymphoma and after several rounds of treatment, though she was clear of disease, her marrow never really recovered and she lost her battle to pseudomonas pneumonia.
Dec-28-08 Gil Corbin 85
Corvallis, OR
dx: 05/1997. His wife Jane posted for him during his illness. Was first treated with prednisone and Immunoglobulin (IVIG). Later he had a splenectomy in 1999 followed by chlorambucil (Leukeran), fludarabine and radiation. During the early years of his CLL, he and his wife were able to continue the enjoyment of traveling and camping. In 2005, fludarabine was stopped, as it was linked to his getting pneumonia. In 2006, had Rituxan and May 2007, Leukeran. {The cause of death was listed at sepsis (blood infection) with CLL as a secondary cause.}
Dec-22-08 John McBrayer 60
New Braunfels, TX
dx: 10/1999. John was treated with FC and he had a serious lung infection due to aspergillums. He died from pneumonia.
Oct-27-08 Don Flach 78
British Columbia, Canada
dx: 08/1996. Don receive treatment of Radiation, Campath, Cytoxin, Fludarabine, & Chlorambucil. Survived by his daughter Diane Fitzpatrick.
Sep-15-08 Colin Fraser 72
Rome, Italy
dx: 08/1998. Colin was treated with Prednisone and Chlorambucil. He was Trisomy 12, unmutated, CD38<30 and ZAP 70 marginally +. The last treatment was RFC but with very poor results. In the end he suffered a Richter transformation and started CHOP treatment but soon died of a severe infection.
Sep-01-08 Virginia Frances Wasik 74
Chicago, IL
dx: 04/1998. Ginny was treated with Fludara, Procrit, RFC, Chlorambucil, Aransep, & Neupogen.
Aug-31-08 Charles Stearns 67
Atlanta, GA
dx: 12/2002. Charles was a dentist and very well liked as a very generous man in his community. He had deletions 11, 13 and 14 and his FRC treatment gave him a remission that lasted 2.5 years. He explored other treatments including transplant but there is no information on what actually was tried.
Jul-28-08 Arnold Howard 69
Cambridge, UK
dx: 04/1996. Arnold was treated with Fludara, Leukeran. He suffered loss of his eye sight when CLL cells penetrated the cover of of his brain causing an abnormality. A spinal tap and chemo treatments relieved some of these symptoms.
Jul-24-08 John Nixon 76
Gisborne, New Zealand
dx: 06/1995. Treatments - Chlorambucil, Prednisone, Fludarbine, and IVIG. John's CLL didnt need treatment until 2003. Chlorambucil worked well the first time, but 2 years later, one dose of it coincided with a severe outbreak of chicken pox due to John's weak immune system. He never really recovered after that and steadily became weaker and very frail.
Jul-06-08 Jefferson James McNiven 40
Westfield , UK
dx: 05/1999. Jeff had a difficult illness and had treatments with Chlorambucil, Fludarabine, CHOP x 1 withdrawn, Prednisalone, IGG, CHOP X 2 withdrawn, campath 18 weeks + 6 weeks 2 months prior to death, methylprednisalone, Rituxumab. His heart gave out after collapsing at home. Travelled wide and far abroad but his heart was always in Scotland, where he loved to fish and get in the garage tinkering with cars. Loved and missed very much by his fiance Kim Ryder.
Jul-01-08 Alastair Macdonald 60
dx: 06/2006. Treated with Prednisone and Chlorambucil. Survived by his Daughter, Romey Macdonald. He developed preumonia and had also fibrosis of the lungs.
Jun-23-08 PC Venkat 59
Petaling Jaya, Maylasia
dx: 07/2001. PC was the husband of Chaya Venkat who was a great contributor to the list and later established, an organization devoted to fund research and publish information about cll that is consulted by patients and experts to find the latest in treatments. In Spring of 2008, PC elected to have a cord stem cell transplant at the University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital. He reached full engraftment and was released. He was readmitted on June 14, and passed away on June 23, 2008, with pneumonia that turned into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). PC is survived by his wife, Chaya of 37 years; daughter Radha; brother Raju; loyal dog Jasper; and many friends all over the world.
May-20-08 Lise Rasmussen-Wright 55
San Diego, CA
dx: 12/2000. Sept 2002 – Lise underwent a gene therapy trial vaccine with no positive results. Later she was treated with Rituximab, R/F 2 cycles, HDMP+R, Campath and finally in February 2006 she had Stem cell transplant.
Mar-18-08 Jacqueline Kane 81
West Hartford, CT
dx: 10/1998. She was watch & wait till May 2006, when she was dxed now with Multiple Myeloma. She learned that amyloidosis had complicated events and her med was changed from Velcade to Melphalen. The final dx was arrhythmia on her death certificate. She was the wife of Edward Kane.
Feb-29-08 Hector Bensimon 91
McLean, VA
dx:12/1999. Hector was a retired physician (urologist) and provided an enormous amount of help to list members. His disease made progress after 2005 with declining platelets and increasing wbc. He received treatment with Rituxan- Cytoxan and after the 3rd round he developed Atrial Fibrillation. He passed away 3 months later.
Dec-17-07 Dorotea Camarena 75
Mazatlan, Mexico
dx: 08/1999. Dorotea was never treated and the cause of death was not reported but apparently she had heart problems in the past including a heart attack and embolism.
Nov-28-07 Irv Putter 84
New Jersey
dx: 01/1984. Irv received the following treatments: Chlorambucil, Fludarabine, Rituxan, Prednisone, & Cytoxin. He had a lung biopsy that indicated adenocarcinoma and he had a lobectomy. Died from an infection. Irv was director of drug research at Merck before he retired. His extensive knowledge was always available to list members in search of medical and drug treatment information.
Nov-25-07 Jim Cook 63
??, CA
dx: 01/1997. Jim was married to Judith Cook who did the posting on his behalf. He was treated with Nipent/Cytoxan/Rituxan and later his diagnosis was augmented to myelodysplastic syndrome, monosomy 7, involving the platelets.
Nov-15-07 Jim McVey 80
Merced, CA
dx: 12/1997. Jim was treated with Fludara, Chlorambucil, In 2003, he did 6 cycles of RFC and achieved remission until 2005 when he participated in a Campath clinical trial at UCSD. Jim completed a series of 12 injections and again achieved remission. In Feb. 2007, he began another clinical trial of HUMAX-CD 20 at UCSD during which he passed away.
Nov-10-07 Carol Scelsi 70
San Diego, CA
dx: 10/1997. Carol was treated at UCSD Gene Therapy 2001; Fludara 2002; HDMP+R 2003, 2004, 2005; Campath SubQ 2006; AT-101 (Gossypol) 2006; HuMax CD-20 2006. Finally she was in the process of a bone marrow transplant.
Nov-05-07 Norman Rhodes 65
New York, NY
dx: 06/1998. He was treated with Pentostatin, Rituxan, Cytoxin, Fludara, Vincristine, IVIG, Procrit, Prednisone. He had repeated cases of pneumonia and finally he passed away at home from a fungal infection.
Nov-03-07 Julia Maureen Pappin 60
Toronto, Canada
dx: 02/2006. Received treatments with Chlorambucil and Rituxan. No sure cause of death, but suspected septicemia from the posts. Maureen was a tax consultant survived by her husband and 2 children.
Oct-29-07 William G Guy 46
Derry, NH
dx: 07/15/2005. Bill never underwent treatment, but his CLL had progressed and he was getting ready to start chemo. On October 27, 2007 he was experiencing shortness of breath and pain upon inhalation and taken to the ER and later to the ICU as his condition declined rapidly. He died with his wife Sue, sister Phyllis, brother-in-law David, and sister-in-law Lynn by his side. Cause of death was determined to be diffuse granulomatous disease of lungs and heart, most consistent with Sarcoidosis. Bill was a devoted husband to Sue for 23 years. He died far too young, and will always be remembered lovingly and sorely missed.
Oct-19-07 Roy Fortune 72
??, CA
dx: 05/1996. Roy received treatments such as Chlorambucil, CVP, Campath, Rituxan, Splenectomy. He spent 101 days in the hospital in 2002 after a bout of nocardiosis resulting in having to learn how to eat, write, talk, and walk again. He also fought prostate cancer and lymphoma. Sepsis and pneumonia finally conquered his worn out body.
Sep-22-07 Robert Macaulay 76
Rocky Mount, NC
dx: 09/1999. He graduated from Georgetown University and George Washington University Medical School. After his urology residency at Duke, Macaulay served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force.
Aug-28-07 Kurt Grayson
Sacramento, CA
dx: 06/1999. Treated with Chlorambucil, Rituxan and Prednisolone. He also had Leukapheresis.
Aug-19-07 Dee Davis 76
Pittsburgh, PA
dx: 08/2002. Treated with F then FR then Rituxan. She had the 17p deletion with zap 70 positive. Her insurance did not allow her to see a CLL specialist and she had to remain within her doctor network.
Jul-11-07 Mike Dohan 71
Boston, MA
dx: 03/1992. Treated with Chlorambucil/Prednisolone, after with CVP. He underwent an autologous BMT on 12/98. From this he relapsed about 3 years later and finally he died of acute GVHD.
Jul-09-07 Richard Gustafson 67
New York, NY
dx: 06/1984. W&W until 10/06, dx'd with Leukemia Cutis on his feet, 2 rounds of Chlorambucil & Prednisone, 3 rounds RFC Jan.-Mar. 2007, Richter's Transformation, dx'd Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma June 2007, CHOP, Gemzar & Cisplatin
May-04-07 John Alfred Thacker 69
Basingstoke, UK
dx: 03/2000. John received steroids, Chlorambucil and Flud/Cyclo in May 2003 followed by high dose steroids in 2005. All successful and achieved remission each time. In the last year of his life he had 6 chest infections and was hospitalized frequently. In Nov 2005 he had a respiratory (lung) problem which was finally diagnosed in July 2006 as bronchiectasis. This was very difficult and was the cause of death more than the CLL as his counts were OK. He died peacefully in St Michael's Hospice in Basingstoke and his wife Rita was with him.
Apr-07-07 Bill Duffy 64
Oxford, PA
dx: 08/01. Bill was an extraordinary member of the ACOR list who worked very hard on behalf of others and was a speaker at several CLL information events. A member of the board of CLL Topics as well. His initial treatment was RF followed by IVIG and this gave him a 3 year remission. When he relapsed his diagnosis was changed to MCL and he was treated then with R-CHOP followed by an autologous transplant from which he relapsed a few months later and the MCL was now in a blastic phase. He was finally given Velcade as a final treatment before his final passing.
Jan-03-07 Vincent Way 59
Havre de Grace, MD
dx: 09/98. A Viet Nam veteran Vince was initially treated with FR, later with R maintenance and later with CPR. His cll infiltrated his brain and he had radiation treatment. As a final attempt to arrest the disease he went through a BMT with a 90% matching donor. In the days after the BMT he had an infection from which he could not recuperate.
Oct-30-06 Norman Friedman 66
Cherry Hill, NJ
dx: 09/94. Norman struggled with CLL for most of the time since diagnosis. He was treated with Leukeran, COP, Fludara, Rituxin, RCD, RF, Campath sub-q and finally RPC. His wife Susan reported in detail his fight with CLL. His illness never allowed him to enjoy a long remission period causing his blood counts to remain most of the time at very low levels.
Aug-02-06 Buzz Shinn 68
Charlestown, WV
dx: 03/01. Buzz was in watch and wait and very rapidly developed symptoms that turned out to be Richter's transformation. He was treated with R-CHOP and unfortunately he developed pneumonia.
Jul-27-06 Stanley Petrick 74
Laramie, WY
dx: 06/1992. Stan was treated with Fludarabine, then CHOP/CAP, then Campath and finally FCR. He was going to be treated again with FCR when two weeks before death he was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease.
May-17-06 Greg Martin 47
Twin Lakes, MI
dx: 11/2000. Greg was treated with RFC and RF. He had large nodes and did not respond well to the treatment. He died of an intercranial bleed .
Apr-15-06 Gail Eisenberg 65
Canton, CT
dx: 06/1995. Gail was treated with RF and later due to large nodes in her abdomen she was additionally diagnosed with small cell NHL and then she did treatments with CHOP, ICE and Campath. In the end she had infection of the lungs that her immune system could not fight.
Mar-19-06 Jack Orndoff 69
Capistrano Beach, CA
dx: 03/1999. Jack was treated with Rituxan followed by Fludarabine and later he had three rounds of RFC and had to stop at that point. Later he was diagnosed with MDS, probably as a result of treatment. Later he had R-HDMP. His bone marrow was badly damaged by the treatment and he was looking into a transplant.
Feb-08-06 John B Elder 46
Lancaster, PA
dx: 02/1999. John was a portrait artist and photographer who died very young from CLL. He received treatment with RFC and later the doctors suspected a Richter transformation.
Feb-05-06 David Covell 52
Albuquerque, NM
dx: 06/1997. David was treated with FC, Campath, CVP, Bexxar and PCR. He underwent an autologous SCT in 2002 but two years later he relapsed. Later he decided not to have any additional chemotherapy. During his last year while living in New Mexico he had radiation for very large nodes. David posted in much detail to the ACOR list the process that he went through especially during his last year, documenting his agony and suffering and the way he coped with his coming death. He loved motorcycles and playing his guitar and composing his own music and songs.
Jan-26-06 Bill Leusink 66
West Bend, WI
dx: 09/2002. A CT scan showed several large masses in his stomach. Then he had 5 rounds of RFC. His blood counts crashed. Then he had CHOP-R for 2 months and HDMP+R and none worked. It was discovered that he had the 17p deletion. Further complications made other treatments unavailable.
Jan-25-06 Bob Long 75
Reno, NV
dx: 10/1985. Bob was a long term survivor of cll and a very active poster to the ACOR list since 1997. He was treated with cytoxan, radiation of the spleen, RFC and finally Rituxan plus Chloambucil. He had many squamos and basal cell cancers removed and some radiation treatment for skin problems. His enlarged spleen apparently ruptured precipitating his death.
Jan-06-06 Robert O'Brien 49
Rochester, NY
dx: 06/2001. Robert was treated with Chlorambucil when he needed it. He had a few complications during the past few years and seemed to be doing great. Until Nov. 2005 he was put on prednisone, and the treatment didn't seem to be working. So he was scheduled to be put on fludarabine in Jan.06. He's liver and spleen seemed to enlarge in Dec. and there was high levels of calcium in his blood. He was put into the hospital in Dec.2005. He started flurdarabine treatment. Tests where sent to California that took 8 days and the results did show Richter transformation, and large b cells. He passed on that same day, the fludarabine did start to work from his treatment. His liver failed and he got septa from his pic lines. He was a wonderful husband and friend, he leaves his wife Donna and 2 grown children.
Jan-04-06 Marshal Roedl 57
Henderson, NV
dx: 06/1996. He had in 2/2003 2 cycles 4 days each of Fludara IV. This treatment worked wonders and his counts all came down and he felt better once he got his energy back. 9/2004 Fludara 1 cycle, 4 days. Marshall had CLL, COPD, CHF, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and some nerve damage.
Nov-02-05 John McBride 59
Marysvile, OH
dx: 03/2000. John had del 11q and was treated in 2003 with Fludarabine and Rituxan. Following several hospital stays with viral, bacterial and fungal infections, he enjoyed a short partial remission. The disease became active again late in 2004 and by summer of 2005, John was again fighting the unusual infections. After several months in the hospital, he was able to come home for a few days before he became ill again. He was re-admitted to the hospital and the doctors believed he had a Richter's Transformation. He fought hard against his disease and it's sideline infections and was willing to do whatever had to be done as long as there was hope and quality of life.
Oct-24-05 Jay C Moore 46
Willowbrook, IL
dx: 10/1992. Jay's diagnosis was changed at one point to MCL and he was treated with CHOP. Years later he was treated with RFC and had a remission that lasted for four years.
Aug-15-05 Dave Peloquin 75
Cypress, CA
dx: 11/98. Dave was treated with Leukeran, Fludara, DMF. His CLL ended up as lymphoma and he had heart problems.
Jul-03-05 Denver Allen
dx: 11/1997. Fludara, RFC and radiation.
Jun-15-05 Ray Kittle 50
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
dx: 06/2002. Treated with Fludara, CHOP and Campath.
Jun-14-05 Jesse Lipman 60
NY, New York
dx: 04/1992. Jesse received treatments with Chlorambucil, Prednisone and RC. He died of a pulmonary embolism.
Jun-08-05 Del Woodward 63
Kimberley, Canada
dx: 12/1992. Del was treated with Rituxan and her CLL transformed into aggressive lymphoma.
Mar-29-05 Jan Cook 53
Geelong, Australia
dx: 06/1997. Jan had an aggressive form of CLL and as a last resort had a BMT with her brother as her donor in August 2003. A couple of weeks after this she had part of her lung removed in an attempt to combat a persistent infection but she never really regained her strength, suffering many episodes of pneumonia and gut infections.
Mar-08-05 Joe Tullman 44
Philadelphia, PA
dx: 05/2000. Joe had aggressive disease since diagnosis and was treated with RFC but relapsed in 1/2004. Then he was treated with Campath, Rituxan + Leukine, HDMP + Rituxan and then he underwent a double cord blood transplant in Jan 2005 as a last attempt to stop the disease. Joe was a frequent poster to the ACOR list where his comments were always interesting, challenging and sometimes highly controversial. His strong desire to live and his criticism of the slow pace of progress in research for a cure of CLL were always present in his writings. Joe will be missed even if one does not agree with all of his postings.
Jan-13-05 Edward Sakal 63
Dayton, NV
dx: 09/1994. Ed had melanoma and later was diagnosed with CLL that required early treatment with FC, later RFC and later with Campath + Rituxin. His disease transformed to large cell lymphoma and he was preparing for a stem cell transplant but multiple complications never allowed for this to happen. His more than 10 years of dealing with the disease were marked with continuous complications that he endured by his will to live.
Dec-28-04 Mary Smetak 53
Harrisburg, PA
dx: 08/2000. Mary had fast raising wbc counts but was able to wait until 2003 to start RFC treatment and she reached PCR- at the end. Unfortunately, one year later the CLL reappeared and she started more treatment, FC this time. She was planning a stem cell transplant for early 2005. Mary posted to the list in much detail her experiences while undergoing treatment.
Dec-26-04 Herta Kollin 70
Park Ridge, IL
dx: 09/1996. Herta is the mother of list member Renate Schultz. Herta was treated with Leukeran, Prednisone and Rituxan. It appears that her weakness did not allow for more aggressive treatment.
Dec-20-04 Bill Mueller 63
Gardnerville, NV
dx: 06/1999. Bill had been treated with radiation for throat cancer and later was diagnosed with CLL. He reached very high lymphocyte counts of over 300,000 and stayed at those levels before having any treatment. Finally he was treated with the RFC-3 protocol at MD Anderson and achieved PCR- remission. Unfortunately, two weeks later he became ill with lymphoma and died shortly thereafter.
Dec-08-04 Peter Almond 52
Melbourne, Australia
dx: 06/1998. Peter had an aggressive disease from the beginning and was treated with Chlorambucil, Prednisone, Cytoxan and Fludarabine. He also had a splenectomy early on in his illness. His partner Helen Schofield posted frequently to the list on his behalf and she added: "Peter worked as a licensed land surveyor. His main form of relaxation since diagnosis was surfing. He passed away from respiratory failure as a result of a reaction to one round of Fludara"
Nov-09-04 Barry Cahn 62
Santa Barbara, CA
dx: 09/2004. Barry had one week of chemo, had multiple strokes and passed away shortly after.
Oct-01-04 Jim McNulty 56
Strathaven, UK
dx: 06/1998. A survivor since 1980 of Hodgkins Lymphoma, Jim was treated with Cyclophosphamide and plans to treat him with more modern drugs apparently never materialized ending in his death from septicemia.
Sep-28-04 Sandy George 52
Courtenay, BC, Canada
dx: 04/1999. Sandy had aggressive disease since diagnostic compounded with hepatitis-c. She never started any treatment for her CLL.
Sep-05-04 Bill Hoops 62
Houston, TX
dx: 10/1996. From the beginning Bill had symptoms of advanced CLL and he started treatment with Cyclosporine followed sometime later by Rituxin and Campath. He was founder and president of the CLL Foundation from its inception and was able to raise funds for a couple of important research projects, one of them using an antisense drug, an approach that continues to be promising. Bill practiced law in Houston
Aug-18-04 Michael Wright 62
???, CA
dx: 9/2000. Treated with Chlorambucil, Prednisone, Rituxan and RFC.
Jul-29-04 Mary Ann Tillman 61
Cohasset, MN
dx: 6/1987. Mary Ann underwent treatment with Chlorambucil, Fludara, RFC, R-CHOP. Eventually her CLL transformed into Lymphoma. She was a very talented musician playing the accordian, piano, and organ. Married for 39 years to Gene and had two children.
Jul-25-04 Robert Zimmerman 80
Nothbrook, IL
dx: 6/1992. Robert had a severe case of AIHA and was treated mostly with Prednisone which severely depressed his immune system and caused him to suffered numerous infections, shingles. In the end he developed cancer of a facial nerve.
Jul-14-04 Frans Willekes 67
Kapelle, Holland
dx: 1/1997. Frans received first treatment CVP in 1977, then W&W till 1998, then CVP, CHOP, Clorambucil , Fludara (one week) IVIG from January 2004. Frans was 40 years old when he was diagnosed. He was a History teacher, but only worked part-time after dx. He always was more tired than most people his age. He played tennis, his passion, till 2003. When he died he had a very enlarged spleen, enlarged liver, and massive abdominal nodes. He lived with this illness for 27 years and is survived by his wife Janneke.
Jul-09-04 Thomas Vitez 78
Springfield, Va
dx: 6/1991. Thomas was treated with Fludara, CHOP, allopurinol and had a splenectomy. He suffered in addition of i.t.p., Idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura.
Jun-28-04 Gary Sortun 62
Seattle, WA
dx: 5/1995. Gary was an architect in Seattle and was diagnosed with an aggressive disease, requiring treatment from the beginning. He underwent Fludarabine, an auto PBSCT 10/'97, later he was treated for Hodgkin's disease and finally received treatment for Pulmonary Fibrosis that resulted from Bleomycin toxicity. Gary's posts to the list reveal a great deal of wisdom in dealing with this disease and in helping others cope with their anguish and desperation. We will miss Gary as one of a group of survivors of transplants from the same days as Grannybarb, who lost the battle in the end, with dignity and acceptance.
Jun-15-04 Elizabeth Hawes 68
Scituate, MA
dx: 5/1999. Elizabeth received initial treatment with cytoxin-vincristine-prednisone-rituxin and later with Campath sub-q and Ontak. She was a remarkable woman with a great ability for writing and for connecting with others. She left scores of fans in the CLL list where she was very highly appreciated for her contributions to the group and great human qualities. We will miss her.
Jun-01-04 Tom McRae 63
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
dx: 5/1999. Tom was diagnosed at stage 4 and was treated with Campath and RFC. Had his spleen removed in 2002 and suffered from many complications throughout his illness. Finally he came with breathing problems and pneumonia. Tom was an extremely active member of the CLL list, always sharing his extensive knowledge with many other members. Tom is survived by his wife Ruth and his daughters Melanie and Gillian.
May-02-04 Ray Hawker 51
Buffalo, NY
dx: 4/2001. Ray had aggressive disease from the beginning (CLL/SLL) and was treated with RF. Later he underwent an allo-bmt. He had many complications after that and passed away leaving his wife of 30 years Geri and 2 sons.
Apr-30-04 Bill Telesmanic 60
Potter Valley CA
dx: 6/1999. Bill was treated with Chlorambucil/Pred, Fludara/Rituxan. In the end it appeared as if his CLL had transformed and become more aggressive, and that his condition was worsened by kidney/liver problems possible brought on by the contrast used for a scan. Deborah his wife survives him.
Apr-15-04 James Grainger 64
Woking, England
dx: 7/1999. He was treated with Chlorambucil and FC. Suffered from severe anemia and aspergillosis. Lisa Harvey, his daughter, posted many times on his behalf. Jim is survived by his three daughters, Zoë, Lisa and Emma.
Mar-16-04 Johnny Mounts 57
Pikeville, Ky
dx: 4/2001. In 2003, he had 3 months of Fludurabine and Rituxin and developed serum sickness from the Fludurabine and so had to suspend treatment. Later he had 4 rounds of Cytoxin and Rituxin and started Campath in December of 2003. He finished the Campath on February 13, 2004 and died on March 16, 2004 from multiple infections and a heart attack after a very intense 3 week stay in the hospital. According to his BMB, he was in remission from the CLL. Johnny is survived by his wife Betsy and a 15 year old daughter that was his reason for living.
Feb-17-04 Leo Parisi 47
Bethany, CT
dx: 6/1997. Born in Italy, Leo underwent an auto BMT in 2000 and his CLL returned in 2003. After he received RFC and a mini-mud. He died of pneumonia. He is survived by his wife Joanne and two 2 children.
Feb-13-04 Heinz Sassman 77
Hamilton, Ont, Canada
dx: 9/1984. Heinz was treated with Chlorambucil for more than 12 years, followed by Fludarabine, Vincristine, Cyclophosphamide and Prednisone. His wbc reached levels in the 500k and he received then several rounds of leukapheresis followed by CHOP. Heinz was one of the most active contributors to the CLL list and his comments and advise will be badly missed.
Dec-15-03 Norman Riford 62
Glendale, AZ
dx: 4/1998. Norman is survived by his wife Diana Riford, mother Dorothy Riford, daughter Lynda K. Riford, son Norman Todd Riford, stepdaughter Deana L. Murrell, stepson Edward Murrell, Jr., step-granddaughters Katrina Saliaz and Aneshia Murrell, sister Natalie Barnes, and several nieces and nephews. Norman died of complications of his CLL with bilateral pneumonia. He was treated with Fludarabine, Rituxan, Procrit shots, hormone shots and blood transfusions.
Nov-29-03 Wayne Gorman 63
Hickory, NC
dx: 8/1990. Wayne was treated with just about every drug in existence for CLL and was expecting to have a BMT. He was hospitalized with pneumonia and did not recover.
Nov-21-03 Stuart Englin 61
Eureka, CA
dx: 4/1999. Stuart had a very aggressive disease and was treated with Fludarabine. His CLL transformed to T-Cell lymphoma.
Nov-18-03 Edward Walbert 63
Phillipsburg, NJ
dx: 6/1998. He had a splenectomy and died 8 days later of septic shock. His daughter is listmember Annette Walbert.
Nov-11-03 Michael Colligan 52
Bradford, PA
dx: 4/2002. Michael was treated with Fludarabine and in 2002 had a mini BMT. His CLL was very aggressive having 17p/p53 deletion.
Nov-02-03 Dale Geistler 55
Marion, IN
dx: 9/1995. Treated with Fludarabine and Rituxan, Dale had a splenectomy and AIHA.
Oct-17-03 Carmen Tijerina 48
????, TX
dx: 12/2000. Carmen was treated with Leukeran & Prednisone and Allopuronal. She then had several rounds of RFC but did not seem to get very good results. Her daughter reported that she got pneumonia and died within a month of infection.
Oct-09-03 Bruce Hunsberger 55
Kitchener, Canada
dx: 5/1992. Treated with fludarabine in 1996, fludarabine 1999-2000 and finally with low dose chlorambucil. He could not get treatment with Rituxan or receive a BMT due to restrictions imposed by the Canadian health system.
Sep-10-03 John McKnight 60
Bartlesville, OK
dx: 7/1998. 2 rounds of fludara, cytoxin and campath. His daughter Missy.
Sep-10-03 David Bathe 49
Lewinsville, VA
dx: 1992. Treated with 8 rounds fludarabine 1996, 3 rounds fludara/cytoxan 1998, Auto BMT at DFCI 2/12/99, relapsed 7/02, RFC first round 9/02, CHOP 10/15/02, Rituxan weekly since 9/02, MIni MUD 11/26/02 at DFCI
Jul-20-03 Charles Holmes 52
Richmond, VA
dx: 3/1999. Charlie had AIHA and was treated with prednisone, cytoxan, transfusions, fludarabine/cytoxan, rituxan/cytoxan, ontak. He was also diagnosed with hypercalcemia (excess of calcium in the blood) as a direct consequence of his cll.
Jul-18-03 Bob Martin 70
Cape Coral, FL
dx: 9/94. Bob's profession was P.E. teacher/ Head High School football coach for 35 years. He amassed a record of 236 wins, 91 losses and 4 ties and retired 7th winningest coach in the state of Florida. 1995 4A Coach of the Year. He was treated with various drugs related for CLL and later was not able to continue, but a few treatments of radiation. He fought strong and hard, but seldom complained and was in a game that could not be won. He touched many people's lives throughout his career not only in athletics, but in life as well. He is survived by a beautiful loving wife, Jeanette of 50 years, 3 heartbroken children, 4 grandchildren that loved him dearly. He will be greatly missed.
Jun-28-03 Dan Grisewood 68
London, UK
dx: 6/1995. Dan was treated with Fludarabine and radiation for his spleen. Later had Rituxan and his spleen removed. He is survived by his daughter Jessica and his wife of 28 years Jane.
Jun-22-03 Paul Fidler 67
Columbia, SC
dx: 12/1997. Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Fidler was treated with Leukapheresis, Fludara, Rituxin, Cytoxin, IVIG, Campath and had a Splenectomy. His CLL changed to large cell lymphoma through Richter's Transformation and he was treated then with EPOCH-Rituxin and had a stem cell transplant as a last effort but with no success.
Jun-13-03 Dean Leven 47
Dawsonville, GA
dx: 2/98. Treated with Chlorambucil , Fludarabine, Rituxan, Campath. Dean suffered from AIHA and in the end the CLL infiltration got to his spine and brain. He and his wife Janice were high school sweethearts and have three beautiful children.
Jun-04-03 Barbara Lackritz 64
Saint Louis, MO
dx: 7/1989. Grannybarb's work on patients rights, dissemination of information and counsel to CLL patients is too extensive to describe here. More details can be found at and Through the ACOR list she reached patients around the world and created a community resource that lives as a testimony to this great woman to whom we all owe so much. Barb was treated several times with Fludarabine and other drugs. In 1997 she underwent a bone marrow transplant that kept her in remission until 2002 when her condition returned. Further treatments with Campath did not help, leading to a stroke from which she did not recover.
May-27-03 Pav Pavelek 56
dx: 1997. Pav was an artist of exotic tropical floral oil paintings and celebrity portraits. He was treated with Rituxan and had a severe infection that could not be contained.
May-26-03 Jerry Moore 56
Pepperell, MA
dx: 6/2002. Jerry was a Vietnam vet who had been exposed to Agent Orange countless times. His only daughter is Marybeth Moore.
Apr-06-03 Arthur Zucker 60
Warwick, PA
dx: 3/1993. Arthur suffered from CLL for 10 years. Initially, chemotherapy was successful in treating his symptoms, but he eventually became refractory to treatments. He was able to work up until the last few weeks of life, when the pain was too great from growing nodes throughout his body. He was well respected in the field of pharmaceutical research and earned multiple national awards and recognitions
Apr-01-03 Richard Caddel 53
Durham, UK
dx: 1/1999. Richard had a very aggressive form of CLL that advanced very rapidly and the regular treatments did not help. At the end he received RFC treatment but infections kept him on the defensive from there on. Richard was an accomplished poet and won a prize in the UK for his work.
Mar-06-03 Sheldon Messinger 77
Berkeley, CA
dx: 12/1997. He designed and collected the data for the questionnaire of CLLers. Grannybarb said " We've all lost a special friend and he'll long be remembered". He was treated with RFC and his blood counts went down and never recovered. Later he was diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma. At the end Sheldon developed pyoderma gangrenosa in his left tibia, an autoimmune reaction to a bone biopsy. A graduate of the University of Chicago and of UCLA, Professor Messinger was vice chairman for the Center for the Study of Law and Society at UC Berkeley from 1961 to 1970. He joined the UC Berkeley faculty in 1970 and served as dean of the criminology school until 1975. He was an expert on deviance and social control.
Feb-28-03 Patricia Bennett 54
Falls River, MA
dx: 2/2000. Patricia received treatment with Rituxan, Cytoxin, Prednisone. She was a very active member of the list and her latest postings indicate lung disease, this was the possible cause of her passing away.
Feb-24-03 Dick Corbridge 54
Stockport, UK
dx: 6/1997. Dick had six cycles of VAD followed by unsuccessful stem cell harvest in Sep 97; a Splenectomy in Jan 98 provided remission until Sep 2000. He had additional chemo Jan - Jun 2001 and then a mini-allo MUD BMT in November 01. Unfortunately Dick was overwhelmed with Graft vs Host effect. For more information see
Feb-14-03 Pedro Leyva 62
Albuquerque, NM
dx: 2/1995. Treated with Fludarabine, Rituxan his CLL converted to lymphoma and did not responde well to any treatments. Pedro was of latin descent and worked in the construction industry. Cancer affected several members of his family.
Jan-18-03 Ron Schurter 57
Raymond, NH
dx: 4/2000
Jan-07-03 Joan Robinson 69
New York, NY
dx: 4/1996. She was treated with Fludara and in 2002 was diagnosed with lung cancer. After treatment for the cancer in the lung she developed pneumonia.
Jan-07-03 Barry Rossman 58
Tigard, OR
dx: 9/1993. He'd been treated several times with Chlorambucil, then Fludarabine several times until he was refractory to it, then Rituxin.His marrow shut down many months before his death, and he was being kept alive with transfusions of platelets and red cells, and the occasional Rituxin infusion. Once the disease turned aggressive, it moved quickly and paralyzed him within a week. He lingered for a month, paralyzed from the chest down. He is survived by his wife Mary, and their two boys, Jacob and Joshua. His sister is listmember Michele Campos also a CLL patient.
Dec-30-02 Bob Cook 58
Butte, Montana
dx: 1984. Bob underwent treatments with chlorambucil, prednisone and fludarabine. Later treated with RFC protocol. Bob developed CLL infiltration in the brain.
Nov-28-02 Mike Sigal 74
Reading, PA
dx: 2/2001. Mike was treated with Fludara, Rituxan, Campath. He had a cardiovascular condition for many years and a complication of that disease was responsible for his passing away.
Nov-21-02 Bob Madams 66
Tunbridge Wells, UK
dx: 12/92. Treated with chlorambucil, prednisilone, Fludarabine, CHOP, Cyclophosphamide. Bob is survived by his wife Jane and daughter Anna.
Oct-31-02 Susan Westbrook 62
dx: 1/1991. Susan was treated with Leukeran for 6 years and underwent treatment with RFC in 2001. Her blood counts never recovered after the treatment and her condition turned into a more aggressive form.
Sep-17-02 Martha Allen 47
Birmingham, AL
dx: 12/1998. Her husband Nelson informed the CLL list of her death indicating that she underwent an allogenic(sp) transplant in December 2001 and had complications after that, her immune system never really made the platelets she needed. Martha also suffered from a kidney ailment called diffuse proliferative nephritis. She developed pneumonia on July 3, 2002 and was hospitalized until her death.
Sep-14-02 Ginny Robertson 60
Orlando, FL
dx: 4/1998. Ginny had aggressive disease from the beginning and underwent treatment with Fludara, Rituxan and in 2002 she was treated with RFC for her CLL/SLL. Ginny is survived by her husband John and their 5 children.
Sep-11-02 Elaine Boies 67
Staten Island, NY
dx: 4/2000. Elaine died of septic shock and a yeast infection. She was successfully treated with one course of Rituxan. Despite a remission of a year and a half, she was hospitalized from March '02 through September, suffering from a mysterious infection the doctors could not isolate. She had a splenectomy and a clear biopsy in May. But thrush went undiagnosed in the hospital causing a lack of appetite that complicated her struggle. On her last day of life, she struggled to breathe, despite help from an oxygen mask. A former fashion editor of the Staten Island Advance, she was a leading figure in the Staten Island arts and theatre communities and joins her husband, Jack, also deceased in 1985 from prostate cancer. Elaine leaves behind 4 heartbroken children and 5 grandchildren who will forever miss their "Mormor," but pledge to travel to Plymouth, Mass. this Thanksgiving for a family trip she had intended to make. (Vicky Mavis, her daughter)
Aug-26-02 Joyce Machus 72
White Bear Lake, MN
dx: 4/1998. Joyce had recently celebrated her 46th wedding anniversary with her husband Doug. She leaves behind her husband Doug, her 3 children and their spouses, 6 grandchildren, and many many friends and relatives
Jul-15-02 Carolyn Pendleton 61
Lubbock, TX
dx: 11/1996. Carolyn suffered from cll and sarcoidosis(an autoimmune inflammatory disease) and was treated with prednisone, had a splenectomy and later was treated with Fludara/Amofostine/Cytoxan. In 2002 she was treated in a trial with Rituxan/Campath. Her husband Joe announced her death with an emotional posting to the list where she had been a frequent contributor.
Jul-07-02 Richard Gilbert 69
Mason, MI
dx: 7/1992. Richard was treated with Leukeran, Fludarabine and last with Campath
May-25-02 Francois Noel Reyniers 61
Montpellier, France
dx: 1995. Francois was an agricultural researcher and he underwent a PBSCT in 1998. During his last 3 weeks he fought valiantly a septic shock that took his life.
May-20-02 Thomas P. Storer 58
Boston, MA
dx: 1994 Tom was 2.5 years on watch and wait and was treated with chlorambucil, later Fludarabine, Rituxan and then CHOP in an attempt to clear his marrow under 10% involvement for a BMT. In December 1999 he finally was able to have the autologous BMT. After that he had a slow recovery and his CLL never disappeared completely. In the end he died of small cell carcinoma of the liver, it is unknown if it was related to his CLL. Tom is survived by his wife and 3 children.
May-18-02 Dane Jervis 41
Casper, WY
dx: 1995 Dane underwent CHOP, Rituxan and finally a BMT. Unfortunately his weakened immune system could not defeat the infection that finally took his life.
Apr-26-02 Jess Marr 64
St. George, UT
dx: 9/1991 Jess was also diagnosed with lung cancer 9/2001. Jess liked to make custom furniture and is survived by his wife Kathy
Apr-15-02 Marla Angotti 21
Brownsville, TN
dx: 9/97 at age 17, Marla was the youngest victim of this disease in the records of the CLL list. She had the standard treatments and later a BMT 9/99, a spleen removal 9/01 and a diagnostic of SLL 10/01 followed by several complications that kept her having frequent hospitalizations. Her parents Sandra and P.J. recorded Marla's health deterioration in their frequent postings to the CLL list and received enormous support from all the concerned readers.
Apr-09-02 Lowell Ballinger 61
?????, VT
dx: 1993, he was in W&W for 1.5 years. After that he was treated with Chlorambucil, Fludarabine, Rituxin and later he had a mini stem cell transplant at Dana Farber. In 2001 GVHD became severe and later he had a serious car accident. Lowell was a very active member of the CLL list and provided very valuable information to others with his experiences on all the treatments that he was exposed to.
Apr-07-02 Tammy Pettit 38
Rocky Pt, NC
dx: 11/99 Diagnosed with CLL-NHL Tammy underwent treatments with Fludarabine/Rituxin, had a splenectomy and HU1D10. She is survived by her husband Dave and sons Jason and Todd.
Mar-26-02 George K. Shamieh 66
Suisun, CA
dx: 5/23/93 he was also diagnosed with Hodgkins disease 3 weeks prior to his passing. A scholarship fund has been established under his name with the L&L Society of San Francisco, for needy Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients.
Feb-27-02 Elaine Anne Scerbo 37
Nutley, NJ
dx: 1997. Her husband Lou Scerbo said: " She was a great person, a great wife, and mother, she loved music, and photography, most of all she loved life!". She developed a high temperature as a result of a flu and died very shortly after.
Feb-25-02 Ruthellyn Weiner 60
New York, NY
dx: 6/94
Feb-24-02 Louise Robbins 69
Indianapolis, IN
dx 1984. Her daughter Yvonne B. said: "She was treated with Fludarabine, Campath, CHOP, over the last 5-6 years. After last round of chemo, she contracted the JC virus, which caused Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy, discovered after seeing Dr. Byrd at OSU. She loved to dance, and to laugh, and to travel. She had a lot of courage, and was ready to go anywhere and do anything. Our little joke was that I was her favorite daughter (I'm an only child). :-) She was the best Mom, and I miss her terribly. She is also survived by her husband, Glenn Robbins, stepson Garry, and sister Ellie Brown"
Feb-23-02 Bob Thiebaut 55
San Mateo, CA
dx: 9/2000 his CLL mutated to PLL. Among his treatment were: Rituxan, Fludara,Cytoxan, Adriamycin, Oncovin, Campath, and Prednisone. Bob was in severe pain. 10 days prior to his passing, he told the Hospice social worker and nurse that he wanted to be free of pain. He was wearing a Morphine patch and getting doses of Morphine every 3 hours and was still in pain. His daughter Michelle, his sister Renee and a Health Care Giver, Mary, and his wife Karen were at his bed when he passed.
Feb-23-02 Bill Dirani 39
PEI, Canada
dx: 1993 with SLL/CLL Bill received the standard treatments with short remissions making it necessary to have a transplant. The health system in Canada refused to pay for it and after a vigorous campaign from his lawyer and the CLL list he was able to obtain partial funding for a mini-MUD BMT at DFCI. Unfortunately Bill succumbed to the effects of GVHD shortly after his transplant.
Feb-13-02 John Reed 71
Des Moines , IA
He was a certified registered nurse anesthetist for 34 years prior to his retirement. He had cll for 6 years. He died after a systemic infection of cryptococcus and yeast, and pneumonia. He was married to his wife for 46 years, and is survived by 6 children, and 15 grandchildren. His daughter is listmember Connie Cox .
Feb-12-02 Paul Cooper 62
Scholes, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, UK
dx: 3/1996 with stage 3 CLL. Paul was one of the initial listowners of the CLL list with Tony Bradford and Grannybarb. He was treated with Fudarabine and later he underwent an auto BMT in 8/97 but he relapsed 3 and a half years later. Paul was a great contributor to the list, always ready to share his knowledge and to welcome and help new members. Paul was first and foremost a family man – he was married to Barbara for 42 years, was Dad to Beverley, Tim, Jon and Chloe, Father-in-law to Julie, and Grandpa to Joe, Josh, Luke and Jacob. Paul and family had to cope with the loss of the family business, but a much greater test for them was to overcome the tragic death of his eldest child Beverley. He fought the CLL valiantly, and after a long, hard battle the CLL took over and he died with Barbara and his children around him on February 12th 2002
Jan-28-02 Charlie Cloud 59
dx: 1992 Aloha Charlie as he appeared on his posts had a normal life until the year 2000 when he started having infections and difficulty breathing until he died from pneumonia.
Jan-07-02 Lyubov Zheltkov 53
Spokane, WA
dx: 1993 She had aggressive type of CLL, treated with Chlorambucil, Rituxan/Fludara/Cytoxan, blood thinners and had a splenectomy. Her daughter is Irina Horner.
Jan-02-02 Bobby Riddle 69
Dallas, TX
dx: 5/1993. Fludara, Leukeran, Vincristine, Prednisone, Cytoxan all unsuccessful. Campath 1H in 98, 15-month remission. Campath 1H in Feb. '00, 12-month remission. Myelodysplasia (MDS) dx'd 10-00. Thalidomide trial at MDACC 2-01 to 6-01, unsuccessful. Started 5-Azacitidine 10--01. His wife is Joyce Riddle.
Dec-24-01 Michael Pinto 63
Egg Harbor Township, NJ
dx: 5/2001 stage IV. His daughter is list member Lori Hernandez. Michael had a very aggressive disease and treatments with Cladiribine, Fludarabine, Campath did nothing to stop the relentless disease.
Dec-23-01 Michael Frederic Daugherty 59
Baton Rouge, LA
dx: 2000 with CLL, in 2001 Michael underwent am unusual transformation to CML. He was Director of the LSU School of Art, and was a leading figure in the arts community in Baton Rouge. Visit a web page made in his honor at
Dec-05-01 June Pinsker 75
Teaneck NJ
dx: 1978, June suffered from a series of infections and enlarged internal nodes more typical of SLL. Cause of death was lymphomatous involvement of the brain and spinal cord.
Nov-26-01 John Kenney 54
Hopkinton, MA
Borne 10/5/47, John died at Brigham and Women's hospital in Brookline.
Oct-21-01 Dennis Burke 62
Fairfax, VA
dx: 10/96. His wife Fannie Burke said: "Dennis had chlorambucil, fludara, chop, rituxan, campath. We had a beautiful life together, our wedding anniversary is 12/31. We would have been married 20 years."
Oct-12-01 John Quill 68
Masterton, New Zealand
dx:12/92. Married for 43 years to Dorothy Quill.
Oct-11-01 Lillian Campbell 29
Dallas, TX
dx:7/99 while she was pregnant, Lillian is of Chinese descent. Her CLL underwent a Richter's transformation.
Sep-27-01 Warren Hartmann 77
Cape Cod, MA
Had a battle with CLL for 5 years. Cathy Popp's father
Sep-26-01 Lance Greig 30
Vancouver, BC
dx 01/99 Cll/Sll stage 4, Lance's wife Chrissy had a baby shortly before his death. Lance passed away shortly after a BMT, leaving two children Ciara 2 1/2 and Jayden 5 months.
Sep-20-01 Wayde Green 47
Great Falls, MT
dx: 3/95. His counts at one point went to over 1 million. He then began RFC combo treatment for 6 months bringing his counts down to 35,000. His aggressive disease however continued its pace and no further chemo was given to him.
Sep-15-01 Lloyd H. DeGerald 81
Justice, IL
dx: 9/2000 Stage 4 CLL. Dennis DeGerald's father
Sep-06-01 Frank Feely 49
Glascow, Scotland
dx: 8/95, Frank underwent treatment with Campath in the UK, he died suddenly in the hospital of blood toxins and cardiac arrest.
Sep-02-01 Patricia Mahood 45
Vancouver, BC
dx: 1989, had a BMT in 1997 and had many complications with severe GVHD that eventually took her life
Aug-30-01 Janet McClymond 68
San Diego, CA
dx: 11/97 stage II. She developed pneumonia, was doing well ready to leave the hospital the next morning, but developed a blood clot in her lungs and died. This was the day after her 47th wedding anniversary to Jim.
Aug-28-01 Jeff Davis 40
Baltimore, MD
dx 3/1999 at 37 stage IV SLL/CLL, Jeff underwent many treatments and two bone marrow transplants. For more details view his own web page at
Aug-15-01 Dave Nelson 68
West Jordan, UT
dx: 2/1999. In 1958 he had deep radium treatments for a chest cavity tumor. In 1998 he had 10 skin cancers 7 of them in the area of radiation.
Aug-13-01 Michael Pearlman 47
Houston, TX
dx: Dec 1996 at age 42
Jul-28-01 Ron "Lumpy" Brandenberg 51
Dayton, OH
dx: 6/1993 at age 43, Ron was an architect and a great contributor to the CLL mail list.
Jul-27-01 Mary Elizabeth McCauley 80
Atlanta, GA
dx: 3/17/00. She had the aggressive form of CLL, after one round of the Rituxan, her white count never bounced back to a level "normal" enough to permit continued treatments
Jul-15-01 Hugh White 64
New Brunswick, NJ
dx: 1989 at age 53
May-28-01 Peter John Fawdrey 53
Rotherham, UK
dx: 11/1999. His final diagnosis Lymphocytoplasmoid Lymphoma, Peter was treated with CHOP, Fludarabine, Rituxan. Survived by his wife Gillian, 5 children, Nicholas, Katherine, Hannah, Alice and Jenny and 3 siblings.
Apr-08-01 Noel Lucas 60
Beaufort, SC
dx: 9/1999. His wife Carol said: "I have lost my best friend and the center of my life for the past 43 years, and a big part of me feels as though my heart has been ripped out". Noel was an avid golfer; he taught chemistry for 33 years in the same school; he loved fishing but not eating what he caught; above all, he was the best husband, father and grandfather.
Mar-14-01 Sharon Chappell 55
Banning, CA
dx: 3/1997, SLL/CLL, splenectomy, CHOP, Rituxan. Sharon was a frequent poster to the list and will always be remembered for her "Teddy Bear Hugs and Candy Kisses"
Mar-11-01 Garret John Boone 68
Greenfield, IN
dx: 1994, he had been a professor of Art at DePauw University and Earlham College in Indiana.
Mar-03-01 Kim Burge's father 59
Hattiesburg, MS
dx: 5/1998. Treated with Leukeran and Prednisone he had low rbc and platelets and died from pneumonia. He is Kim Burge's father.
Feb-22-01 Carl (Bud) Albert Schwarzwalder 66
Juliustown, NJ
dx: 4/2000. The doctor said that the lymph glands in his abdomen were so large that his disease seemed lymphoma even though everything indicated CLL. His wife Suzanne reported that Bud had severe reactions to Rituxan and treatment had to be suspended.
Feb-05-01 Len Schoenman 64
Citrus Heights, CA
dx: 12/1995. Len was originally diagnosed with CLL, later changed to mantle cell lymphoma. He made important contributions to the medical community on the relationship of h-Pylori to mantle cell lymphoma. In June 1995 he experienced a spontaneous regression, wbc declined from 50000 to 4000 over a 6 month period of time. Remission lasted until Dec.1998.
Dec-31-00 Orville Mercier 90
Oceanside, CA
dx: 8/1998. Marilyn Mercier's husband of 45 years, Orville had streptococcal pneumonia and Bacteria pneumonia and sepsis over a 24 hr. period -- New Year's Eve. He also suffered from proliferation of CLL cells in his sinuses as shown by a CT scan
Oct-11-00 Dennis Armstrong 70
Bishop's Stortford, UK
dx: 11/1992. Treated with Chlorambucil. Survived by his wife and three grown up children, Christine, David and Gillian
Oct-04-00 Jay Litschauer 63
??, Montana
dx: Jan 1998. Jay reacted very badly to CVP treatments and his counts never really recovered having to be hospitalized several times for infections
Sep-20-00 Martin Spickler 72
Washington, DC
dx: Mar 1993, his family Beth & Steven (children) Natalie Spickler (wife)
Jul-06-00 Larry Bernstein 74
Sea Bright, NJ
dx: Jan 1991, his wife Patricia Bernstein announced Larry's death with this message: "My Larry is gone. He died Thursday morning, July 6th, from complications of his CLL. We both fought hard and strong to beat this beast, for as long as we could. He was strong and unselfish until the end. Our family was together with him daily during his last week. I was with him until his last moment, and he was ready and accepting. He was my greatest love, I will cherish all of my memories of him forever"
Jun-28-00 Roy Allen Nicholson 79
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
dx: 9/1991. His wife is list member Jeane Nicholson
May-05-00 Carl Brewer 59
dx: 9/97. Carl was a long term sufferer of both CLL and non Hodgkin's lymphoma and gallantly battled both until the end. Survived by his wife Dot and two daughters.
May-02-00 Larry Brady 58
Muskogee, OK
dx: 9/95. Larry had severe osteoporosis and at the end a pneumonia infection took his life. His wife is Amy Brady.
Apr-20-00 Eugene Demkew
Apr-09-00 Derek Chambers 53
Brisbane, Australia
dx: 10/93 stage IV
Mar-14-00 Naomi Smith 58
Adams Center, NY
dx: 6/98. Naomi had an aggressive form of the disease where the standard protocols did not achieve favorable results.
Feb-29-00 Joe Schwartz 56
Sierra Vista, AZ
dx: 1998 Survived by his wife Enid Schwartz, Joe died shortly after having a splenectomy that resulted in major infection and septic shock. A frequent poster to the list, Joe was one of the first to work towards a comprehensive, publishable CLL database.
Feb-28-00 Lyndon Allin 59
Washington, DC
His wife Mary Ann Allin. Lyndon died after a 17-year battle with CLL
Jan-06-00 Melinda Berger 41
San Antonio, TX
dx: 3/98 at age 39. SLL stage IV with transformed Large cell, Richter Transformation, total hip replacement, 6 CHOP, 13 Radiation, started Rituxan 2/99. She underwent an Auto BMT 11/19/99, after that she got pneumonia. Her father was also diagnosed with CLL in 1990.
Jan-02-00 Robert Saxon 75
Princeton, NJ
dx: 1984. Survived, after a 15 year battle with CLL, by his wife Ellen and daughters Tonia and Jamie. Bob was a always researching all aspects of CLL, causes and treatments and provided the list with invaluable information in all his postings
Dec-17-99 George Agoston 64
Borne 07/17/35, Budapest. Talented musician and fantastic baritone, a student of Conservatory, he went to the University at night to become an engineer when his wife became pregnant. He was a charmer with a good sense of humor until he lost his 21 year old son Stevie to an accident. He later found happiness when his daughter Carla had two grandsons, Jason and Corey. George died of complications due to an infection after a femur fracture.
Dec-13-99 Charlenne LeDonne 41
Chicago, IL
First DX 11/93, the CLL transformed into Richter's Syndrome. She died at age 41 leaving 2 young daughters.
Jun-17-99 Bill Schwenk 61
Boulder, CO
dx: 9/1991. His wife of 38 years Carolyn Schwenk wrote: "As for Bill, I was in awe of his courage and patience and good humor. Neither the CLL, ITP, stroke or Richter's Syndrome were ever able to take that away from him"
Dec-23-98 Lynette (Llie) Lategan 25
South Africa
dx: 8/1998 Llie died very soon after diagnosis of CLL, she had a tumor removed from back of her neck and she also had metastized melanoma.
Dec-12-98 Tim Testu 54
Seattle, WA
dx:1991Tim died about one year after his transplant. He took part in an experimental protocol which used 'graft vs leukemia' effect of Graft vs Host Disease to diminish his cancer (in those days called the "canine protocol"). Although it worked pretty effectively, he suffered a lot from GVH. He seemed to be doing well when he suddenly contracted an infection and couldn't recover from it. HWP, age--a young 53, more or less fit, mostly veggie, divorced a year ago. Likes cats (British Shorthairs), Lattes', motorcycling, RVing,and living. Tim had two good remissions with fludarabine. Tim's beautiful 18-year old daughter, now the mother of three year old Liam Tim, was by Tim's side when he passed eleven months after his BMT
Sep-28-98 Tony Noon 47
Herston, Australia
dx: 8/93, Tony had a BMT and died later of a CMV infection. His wife Liz Wedgwood stayed by his side during his final moments, she referred to him as "The Boy Wonder from Down Under - that wickedly, clever boy with CLL"
Jun-19-98 Wayne Lipscomb 46
Columbia, SC
dx: 5/1997. Wayne had a BMT and later he developed post transplant lymphoma. His wife Leisa posted frequently to the CLL list.
Feb-16-98 Al Mamlet 60
Woodstock, NY
Born on August 31, 1937 in Newark, N.J; he attended Dartmouth College and the University of Miami Medical School. Moving to Woodstock in 1973, Al pioneered therapy programs such as Group Labs in New York and Group Fromage in Cementon. He was known as a scintillating conversationalist and the prolific author of such works as "A Guide to the Perplexed" and "Adventures in Overeating." A shy extrovert, Al emceed and auctioneered countless benefits, and is a true Woodstock Treasure.
Jun-15-97 Pat Peterson 52
Long Island, NY
Her husband Frank Peterson said "i'll miss her every day for the rest of my life."
Feb-14-97 Tony Bradford 50
Huddersfield, UK
dx: 1983, Tony left his wife Rosemary and two daughters. He was one of the 5 original managers of the CLL list and frequent contributor, always welcoming and giving support to new members. During his last few days his wife Rosemary wrote, regarding short term plans: "The first is to visit Cambridge on Feb.23rd to hear our daughter play the Bruch violin concerto. The hotel is already booked!". Unfortunately, Tony's wish could not be realized.
Remembering Those Who Have Passed Away